Well, this post may be a little late in coming, as anyone who follows us on Facebook knows our honey was extracted and put up for sale earlier this month — the day the posting went up saying we had 3kg tubs, large jars and small jars available — we pretty much sold out of tubs and large jars by the end of the day!

Of course, in previous years we’ve had a large amount of honey collect, this year each of our hives yielded exactly one full honey super each, which considering the fact the hives had such a late start in the summer and were all brand new, is nothing to sneeze at. If anything, our loyal friends and customers seem to recognize how special the honey we did get is, and the enthusiasm when we announced it was ready was overwhelming.

So, we may be out of tubs and large jars for this season, but it’s not too late to pick up a jar or two (or more!) of our $5 250g bottles, and we even have a couple of our special select honey from last year (single hive, single honey super = a snapshot of a moment of summer. $15)

At any rate, email or contact us through Facebook if you’re interested in picking some up, and as always, thank you so much for your love and support!