About Us

Backyard Bee Works is an urban pollination business founded in 2007 by husband and wife team Mark and Shelley McAlpine. With personal hives located in backyards throughout Guelph’s historic St. Patricks Ward (The Ward), Backyard Bee Works honeybees forage amongst the many fruit trees, local gardens and wild flowers found within the City of Guelph. The nectar gathered by these industrious honeybees is soon transformed into the Backyard Bee Works famously delicious (very) local, honey. Our limited-run honey is raw (unpasteurized), hand extracted and bottled.

Since our humble beginnings in 2007, Backyard Bee Works has expanded the services we offer, and now places hives in a number of backyards within Guelph, bringing people throughout the city the benefits of local beekeeping. We are also regularly called on as mentors/advisers to other urban beekeepers, helping with setup, hive maintenance and general troubleshooting.