In the Press

Check back to see articles and information about Backyard Bee Works in the press, as well as interesting news about bees or urban beekeeping.

Tummy Grumbles: A Canadian Farmer – Backyard Bee Work. Read an excerpt from a larger interview about who we are, and why we keep bees.

100 Mile Mel, Amateur Locavore. Here’s a great blog post by our friend, Mel, all about her visit to our backyard hives. While you’re there, check out Mel’s other blogposts on her adventures eating healthy, locally, and in a sustainable manner.

Popular Mechanics: Urban Beekeeping: Photos of Suburban and city beekeepers   The Daily Green and Bee Culture magazine put together a slideshow of urban beekeeping yards and hives from across North America. We’re slide number 31 if I remember correctly!

In the Garden: Upside Down Crops are Growing in Popularity – New York Times   This one isn’t bee related exactly, but we do get interviewed by the New York Times about growing tomatoes in upside down containers. This article was picked up world wide!

Urban Beekeeping in Hong Kong, a Vimo Film.
This is an excellent film about HK Honey,  an organisation of Hong Kong beekeepers, artists & designers who aim to communicate the value of bees to the human food chain & the benefits of locally produced honey. With a network of bee farms and a design studio, Michael and HK Honey harvest local honey & design products and services relating to urban beekeeping.


Downtown Eastside beehive is buzzing about hope, redemption – The Vancouver Sun

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University of Guelph: Urban Bees Using Plastic to Build Hives