Interested in exploring the exciting world of honey bees with your classroom or organization? Backyard Bee Works beekeepers Mark and Shelley are your resource for learning all about honey bees, bees in the wild, beekeeping and more. With exciting games and great photos and props, Backyard Bee Works offers an excellent presentation which will amplify your educational programs.

Our classroom talks can cover any number of topics, including pollen and pollination, what are pollinators and their role in the food web; the life cycle of the honey bee from egg to mature bee; honeybees and their jobs in the hive; seasonal behaviours; the role of the queen; our impact on honeybees; what we can do to help bees survive, and much much more.

Depending on the age of the students we use puppets, story books, visual aids, physical display items, and interactive role play to demonstrate and reinforce concepts related to the honeybee.

Interested in having us cover a particular topic? Not a problem, we’re happy to alter our content based on your classroom needs. Call us for pricing and schedule your classroom presentation today!