Do you want to own and maintain your own beehives, but aren’t sure how to get started? Perhaps you already have bees, but want a little help knowing what to do next. Chances are, if you are a beginning beekeeper, you’ll recognize there’s a big difference between reading about something in a book vs actually facing the same issue when you open up your hive. “Does this look right?” “I can’t find anything in the book about this – is this normal or a problem?” Each hive is unique and sometimes as a beginning beekeeper the fear of doing something “wrong” can be overwhelming. That’s why Back Yard Bee Works is happy to offer a solution: House Call Consultations.

As part of our one-on-one House Calls service, Back Yard Bee Works will visit you one-on-one at your urban hive, and guide you through any number of issues you may face. We’re happy to go over such basics as safety, equipment, keeping your smoker lit, spotting eggs and the queen, getting comfortable without gloves etc. We can take you through the steps of an inspection, assess for swarms, look at winter preparations, and any other seasonal hive concerns.


  • $85.00/hr first House Call (one hour minimum)
  • $40.00/hr each additional visit (minimum one hour each visit)

Bulk Discount

Perhaps you’re interested in having a few sessions scheduled – book a starter package of three sessions in advance and save.

COST: $130 (a $35 saving on three individual visits, 1 hour minimum each visit)

Contact us today to set up your own private tutorial in the comfort of your own yard.