Host a Hive

Cost of your own hive

Just to compare:

Cost for starting your own hive:

  • $175-$300 for bees
  • $75-$200 for beekeeping tools/gear
  • $200+ for basic beginner hive (hive body, top and bottom, one extra super)
  • $40+ each extra honey super with frames

Your total cost for A SINGLE HIVE: $490-$780

but don’t forget:

  • $250 beekeeping course
  • $200-$1000 basic honey extractor

Not to mention other expenses including jars, medicines, feeders, winter wraps, replacement queens and more…

TOTAL EXPENSES: anywhere between $1240 – $2030

Are you interested in having beehives in your backyard but don’t have the time to care for them? Are you excited at the idea of helping the plants and wildlife in your yard and neighborhood? Back Yard Bee Works has the solution for you! Why not become a participant in the hive hosting program?



Why Host An Urban Bee Hive?

A hive from Backyard Bee Works placed in your backyard directly contributes to the security of our local food system. Flowers, vegetables, fruit trees and other plants in your neighborhood cannot reproduce or fruit without bee pollination, so help your street blossom by providing a full supply of natural pollinators. Unlike the bland, homogenized honey bought in the supermarket (more often than not imported from China, Mexico or Argentina) the honey produced in your new backyard hive has a direct connection the environment around you. Each delicious spoonful of your honey contains a story about the landscape that you and your family live in.

Hosting a Backyard Bee Works hive in your yard is also an amazing learning experience. This is an opportunity for you and your family to not only become more knowledgeable about the impact bees have on the food we grow, but also creates a sense of pride in knowing you’re having a hand in improving the landscape around you.

Reap the rewards of your host hive by sharing in the bounty. At the end of the season, Backyard Bee Works will present you with up to 6kg (13lbs) of fresh, raw, unpasteurized honey (depending on the honey flow of that season).

How it works:
The Back Yard Bee Works places beehives in various backyards throughout the City of Guelph. When you apply to host a hive, we will take a look to make sure your yard is appropriate for keeping bees. If approved, The Backyard bee Works will place between two to 4 hives on your property. We will then tend and maintain the hives throughout the year.

What you get:

  • The benefits of honeybees pollinating your yard and surrounding neighbourhood throughout the spring summer and fall.
  • Up to 6kg (13lbs) of honey from your backyard hive. (The final yield will depend on weather conditions, nectar flow, etc).
  • The knowledge that you have a direct hand in improving the landscape in your neighbourhood, , and a beneficial impact on the population of honey bees in your city.
  • The learning experience of watching the bees work every day in your backyard, as well as an informative monthly newsletter from Backyard Bee Works.
  • You also receive special pricing on additional Backyard Bee Works honey purchases.

What you provide:

  • An appropriate space in your yard to place our beehives, with permission to have the hives kept in your yard for one year, with the option to renew at the end of the year.
  • Permission for Backyard Bee Works to access your yard to maintain the hives.

Hive Hosting Pricing:
Backyard Bee Works will place between two to 4 hives in your backyard. While the hives remain on your property for a one year period, our billing season is from April to September at $75 per month. For the remainder of the year there is no charge.

For Businesses and Restaurants: We can customize solutions for any interested party. Perhaps you plant to cook with or selling raw honey produced from hives on your business property? We love collaborations and interesting projects. Contact us for more information and flexible arrangements.

Getting Involved:
If you care about the health of the environment around you, recognize the importance of pollinators and their import impact on our food chain, or just plain want to experience the joy of having honeybees living in your yard, fill out  the form below and we’ll take it from there!

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